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Legacy Karate Academy - Birdsboro, PA (opening June, 2024)

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Discover the premier martial arts training in Birdsboro, PA with Tang Soo Do at the forefront of our karate training. Guided by a 7th-degree black belt Grandmaster, our program offers more than just self-defense. Experience the intensity of powerful strikes, dynamic kicks, and intricate forms, including specialized weapon techniques. Our training isn’t just about physical skills—it's a comprehensive journey fostering discipline, confidence, and leadership. Join a community of passionate practitioners in a supportive, family-like atmosphere. Forge lasting friendships and evolve into a stronger, more well-rounded individual through world-class karate training passed down through generations. Start your journey with us today and transform your life at our Birdsboro location.

Tang Soo Do is the most effective form of martial arts/karate - why?

Holistic Approach

Tang Soo Do goes beyond just physical training. It incorporates skills from a wide variety of martial arts; from forms, self-defense (Tang Soo Do's main focus), and weapon-based techniques, providing a diverse skillset for various situations. This well-rounded approach makes practitioners adaptable and well-prepared for real life situations - not just sports situations.

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Martial Art
Primacy Focus
Tang Soo Do Comparison

Focuses mainly on kicking. It has striking and kicking with emphasis on powerful leg techniques.

Taekwondo is based off Tang Soo Do. However, while Tang Soo Do features strong kicking, it also incorporates more diverse strikes and focuses on linear, direct attacks with defense in mind.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ):

Purely focused on grappling and ground fighting for submission and control.

Tang Soo Do works on grappling on the ground, but adds stand-up fighting and grappling; working its way into what we call one-steps which the majority of fights end up as - close combat. BJJ, is a great fallback however if you do end up on the ground which is why Tang Soo Do incorporates many of its disciplines.


Has a more sports-based approach than defense. It hones in on punching, blocking, and footwork for effective self-defense at close range.

Tang Soo Do incorporates punching and footwork, but emphasizes kicks and broader range control and focuses on balance and defense as well and how to incorporate one-steps in close combat range - this is especially helpful for women as it teaches speed, quick take-downs, grappling, and striking which are very effective against stronger people.

Muay Thai:

Clinching, striking, and devastating kicks in close-quarters combat.

Tang Soo Do shares the striking and kicking aspects, but also focuses balance in combinations and forms which further increases effectiveness.


Throws and takedowns for neutralizing opponents and achieving dominance.

While Yudo, the Korean variation of judo within Tang Soo Do, incorporates takedowns, its heart lies in subtle positioning and harnessing your opponent's momentum. Quick legwork and a powerful core become your tools to outmaneuver, off-balance, and secure pins.

Applications of Karate

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Birdsboro Class Schedule:

Ages 4-7 Beginner: 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM (Mon, Wed, & Thurs)

Ages 8-10 Beginner: 6:40 PM - 7:30 PM (Mon, Wed, & Thurs)

Teen/Adult: 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM (Mon, Wed, & Thurs)

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